How To Order Fishing Vessel Prints

Custom Digital Prints

I'm sorry for any inconvenience for not having a PayPal account, but I'm trying to keep my overhead low.

Digital prints available in two sizes;
11"x14" Any Vessel ($40)
13"x19" Any Vessel ($60)
13"x19" Schooner Collages ($75)

A $15 dollar shipping and handling fee on all orders to US destinations.

Prints are made using an Epson R2880 printer on Epson Ultra-Premium Luster Paper or Premium Glossy with Ultrachrome K3 ink. After printing, each print is dried a minimum 24-36 hours, before shipping. Prints are exhibition quality.

To keep the print price and shipping cost low: I do not dry mount, mat or frame prints.

How to order vessel prints:

First: Contact me with the Vessel Name & Photo ID Number, print size, # of prints.

For example: FV Arrow, #012, 13x19, 1 print.

All prints are in Color unless otherwise specified. Some prints are B&W only.

Second: After receiving my email reply, then please mail to me your return address along with a check or money order to:

Wilderness Images Publishing
PO Box 2507
Seward, Alaska 99664.

FV Arrow #012

Color Print Example 13x19, $60

4 Schooners #049

4 Schooners (#049) Print Example 13x19, $75

15 Schooners #046

15 Schooner (#046) Print Example 13x19, $75

FV Masonic FV Arrow FV Lindy #027

B&W Print Example 13x19, $60