Halibut Schooner & Longliner Photograph Collection

For three decades beginning in the 1890s, shipyards on the west coast built a fleet of wooden schooners for the profitable halibut and cod longline fishery. The vessels were mainly built from the fir forest of the Pacific Northwest. The last schooner, from that era, was launched in 1932. It's estimated that 150 halibut schooners once worked along the west coast, Gulf of Alaska and Bering Sea. Today, less than a dozen classic schooners carry-on the longline tradition.

The Gulf of Alaska is ideal habitat for photographing fishing boats of all kinds. Several years ago, I put together this website to share a few of my schooner and longliner photographs. On this site are nearly three dozen of my favorite longliner portraits. See the Halibut Schooner Thumbnail Gallery. All the vessel images were shot around Seward and Alaska's North Gulf Coast. Many of these vessels are gone, in dry dock or retired from fishing. The remaining fleet of classic schooners and longliners are gracefully aging. Many of them tie-up at Fisherman Terminal in Seattle. A few schooners, like the heavily built FV Tordenskjold, have survived the brutal conditions of the North Pacific for more than a century.

Vessel Index

4 Schooner Print #049

9 Schooner Print #053

15 Schooner Print#046

FV Aleutian, c. 2006 #037

FV Aleutian, c. 2006 #055

FV Arrow, Masonic, Lindy, c. 1977, #027

FV Arrow, c. 2003 #036

FV Arrow, c. 2005 #012

FV Atlantic, c. 1977 #006

FV Attu, c. 1977 B&W only #035

FV Attu, c. 1981 #019

FV Bergen, c. 2008 #034

FV Chelsea, c. 1978 #018

FV Eclipse, c. 1996 #007

FV Evening Star, c. 1999 #005

FV Evening Star, Vansee c. 2008 #042

FV Grant, c. 1975 #014

FV Grant, c. 2008 #030

FV Grant, (dry dock) c. 2008 #043

FV Kristiana, c. 2004 #020

FV Leviathan, Lorelei II, c. 1983 #001

FV Majestic, (dry dock) c. 2000 #024

FV Masonic, Arrow, Lindy, c. 1977, #027

FV Masonic, c. 1999 #009

FV Polaris, c. 2000 #002

FV Primus, (dry dock) c. 2005 #015

FV Resolute, c. 2005 #059

FV Resolute, c. 2007 #017

FV Resolute, c. 2007 #008

FV Resolute, c. 2010 #044

FV Seymour, c. 2006 #003

FV Seymour, c. 2006 #025

FV Tordenskjold, c. 2005 #033

FV Tordenskjold, c. 2008 #041

FV Tordenskjold, c. 2009 #045

FV Vansee, c. 2007 #061

FV Vansee, c. 2007 #013

FV Vansee, Evening Star c. 2008 #042

FV Tordenskjold,#041

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9 Schooners (#053)

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